5 Tips To Get the Right Watch Winder UAE for All Automatic Watches

July 9, 2021

Finding the right watch winder UAE is challenging due to the variation of the product. The winders look the same, but they are not. Use the tips below to get the right automatic watch winder. Ensure that you get the best one to get the benefits of using this device for your automatic watches.  

Program Settings 

Turn Per Day or TPD is one of the most important aspects of a watch winder. Ensure that the watch winder has TPD between 650 and 1800 daily turns. It is the standard TPD that works for all automatic watches. Check the way the rotor works. Figure out a winder with a rotor that can rotate clockwise, counterclockwise, and bidirectionally. 

The Detail of the Winder 

Check the details of the watch winder UAE before purchasing it. Some devices are made of high glossy piano baking varnish, LCD touch screen, LCD screen control, and many more. Ensure that the specifications of this product help you to keep your watches running well and secure. You may spend extra money to get the right winder, but it is okay instead of spending more money to send it for repair all the time. 

Check the pillow or holder  

Watch winders contain pillows or holders. A good cushion or pillow has to be fit enough to expand the watch band. A fit holder prevents the watch from stretching out the band during the rotation process.

Noise Level 

Don’t forget to check the noise level. Some winders produce noisy sounds while working. Nowadays, some manufacturers use a specific technique to dampen the sound. As a result, you can use the winder without annoying the surroundings. Imagine if you have to hear a noisy sound from the watch winder box while sleeping or working.  

Power Supply 

The early version of the watch winder comes with batteries. Manufacturers improve the system by adding a power supply. As a result, you can use both to keep your automatic watches running well.  A watch winder with a power supply gives more benefit. The best benefit is that the watch winder will get a consistent and accurate TPD measurement. At the same time, a watch winder with rechargeable batteries is also useful for travelers who have to keep their automatic watches secure.  

The point is that you have to know the specifications of the watch winder UAE first before selecting it. The specifications determine the performance as well as the safety of your automatic watches. Use the tips above to get the best watch winder.