How to Maintain Your Double Automatic Watch Winder Safe Box

July 8, 2021
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Do you have a double automatic watch winder safe box to keep your watch running and safe? It plays an important role to maintain your luxury watch so that you need to maintain the watch winder properly as well.

Clean from Inside Out

Every time you try to clean your watch winder safe box, you should start from the inside part of the watch winder. You can use a wipe that is made for cleaning lens for cleaning your watch winder. You can also use a wipe made for screen cleaning.

It is not recommended to use a paper towel for cleaning the watch winder because it can scratch the surface of your watch winder. You also need to make sure that the interior is free from any damage and moisture. Moisture is the biggest enemy of the watch winder. That is why you need to store it in a dry and cool area.

Clean from the Top to Narrow Down

Next, you still need to use the same wipe used for cleaning the watch winder safe box inside out. You can feel free to use the microfiber rag as well this time. It is time to clean the outer part of the watch winder from the top to narrow down. There might be a detailed area that needs to be cleaned further. Compared to cleaning the inside part of the watch winder, it is easier to clean its outside.

Check the Motor Housing, Belt, and Parts

Do not forget to check the motor housing since it is the most important part of the watch winder. To see it, you have to disassemble your watch winder chassis first. You also need to check the belt at least every six months to make sure that it does not have tears and wear. You need to change the belt when it is damaged. You should also check the electrical panel of the watch winder safe box since the wiring might be damaged sometimes.